Why you need to begin NOW!


Recognize habits

I find it very fitting to talk about the beginning as my first post. The beginning or better yet, to begin, is as important a step as any. I’ll tell you why, we (those of you in society’s pyramid) are always told to think, to use our brain’s. However, the brain doesn’t use up any other muscles, so we grow accustomed to just sitting there and thinking. The brain has a tendency to overthink, so in essence we sit there over thinking. The brain also has a tendency to create habits out of any pattern it can muster. Overtime, we create habits of sitting and overthinking.

The beginning

As you can imagine the consequences of someone who only sits, thinks and never gets anything done. You can’t get far that way. That is why it is so important to begin. This is not to discourage you from thinking, it is only to say that we should act on our thoughts. You see before a baby crawls, he or she must have a desire to reach somewhere, to go some place towards someone or something. It starts with a desire, and then the baby begins. Eventually with time and persistence, a baby can take its first step, but not without struggling a bit and then falling afterwards. This is synonymous with business and life.

To begin

A little about me, I’m a serious procrastinator, I will come up with any excuse to not do my work. Before I started this website I was thinking about the name, I mean I spent HOURS trying to come up with a name. A name is important, it has to encompass the entire website, I didn’t know if I should focus on money or health or just motivational rants. I thought of at least 100 different names, and envisioned 100 different futures for each website (I dream big…), until I finally caught onto the loop. My brain was just overthinking, adding too many rules, filtering out too many things for hours, I was wasting time that I could of spent doing something more productive. So I stopped overthinking and just combined all my ideas.

Get the ball rolling

After I made a name and began, everything else started happening much faster then the process of name-picking. It was because I got the ball rolling. I had a name, I had a plan, and I got started. Getting the ball rolling is a helpful step because it makes dedication and persistence easier. Let’s be honest, for many of you out there, going to the gym somedays is a chore, you’re lazy, had a long day at work, there is never any time to go to the gym, so you miss a day. Now the ball stopped, when the ball stops it’s hard to get it rolling again. Then you fall in the routine of not going to the gym, over time that becomes a habit.

Now watch the ripple effect of this one bad habit. Going to the gym does more then provide your body with a stimuli to grow and repair, it helps you fight cravings, eat cleaner, get more rest and gives you more energy throughout the day. However, once you fall into the habit of not going to the gym, you become lazy, your diet isn’t as clean/more junk food, loss of energy and you will lose some results. Once it gets bad enough that you realize you want to work out again, you notice it is a lot harder to begin now. That is why it is so important to keep the ball rolling and going with the flow, because once you stop it becomes hard to start again.

Don’t worry almost done

So to sum up everything, one shortcut closer to success is realizing that you should act on your thoughts. It’s ok to think of ideas and goals, but to think and never start provides the same results as doing nothing. Put those good thoughts to use and act on them. Everyone has to start somewhere or you’ll get no where at all.

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