Best way to breathe to change your LIFE!

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Small pebbles make big mountains

Inhale, exhale. Notice how you breathed, take note and write it down (i.e. did you breathe through your nose, or your mouth, was it a deep breath or a regular breath, how do you regularly breath, did you breathe with your chest or your stomach) That might not mean much to you, but have you ever really stopped to think about your breath? The next time you read “inhale, exhale” it will have a more powerful meaning. Breathing is the single most important thing you do, it says so much in the most subtle ways. Its long term effects are so powerful it is like a small pebble that makes a big mountain. What if I told you the way you breathe is the reason why you might have lower energy, depression, mood swings, get angry quicker, and more stressed out which lead to a world of problems. Think about it, wave your hand in front of you and your hand goes through an invisible space that we are told contains gases which make up air. Now you can’t see anything, but you know something is there. How do you know? Let’s experiment. Hold your breath, eventually you will struggle and gasp for air, WHY? Why is it that our lungs need to repeatedly contract and relax and let in and out that invisible space? Because THERE IS SOMETHING INSIDE THAT INVISIBLE SPACE, WHICH IS AIR, AND THAT AIR PROVIDES ENERGY, because without air we would die. So breathing provides our body with energy. You see 1000’s of years ago they might not have known about oxygen or had the technology to test for the presence of gases, but through that simple experiment it is evident that there is a source of energy in the air that we need to live and they knew about it.

If you want to be happy, be a baby

Breathing is related to your energy levels, mood, health and life. I will start from the beginning, I mean the real beginning, as a baby. Have you ever watched a baby sleep? If you have you’ll notice that they breathe from their stomach. That means they are getting air all the way down to the bottom of their lungs. When you think of kids, what do you envision? Haven’t you noticed that kids are full of energy, they’re generally happy, in a playful mood, running around and full of life. Have you ever wondered why? They still breathe with there stomach. Breathing with your stomach fills your lungs with energy and gives your body more energy to work with. That is very important because then air, or energy, is brought down to your lower body where life is found. Life is literally found in your lower stomach area/genitals. You need energy to make life, that is why it is very important that the body’s centre of life contains much energy. When a man and a woman come together, they make life using there genitals. When a woman is pregnant, the baby is growing in her womb. So to literally create life, you need your genitals and a woman needs her womb, the section responsible for life, that is why it is very important to breathe with your stomach and bring energy to your lower body, your life centre.


Even adults need mechanics

In today’s society, or at least some societies, sex is still considered a taboo subject. Anything related to sex can be seen as a bad thing. As a teenager you are taught to not think in a sexual way, if you do you are a “pig”, “whore” and other degrading terms. So eventually we subconsciously turn off those systems. We stop breathing with our stomach, as we grow into adulthood, we learn to stop energizing our genitals and centre for life. We internalize and bottle up sex and the emotions relating to it. We start to breathe with our chest. Almost as if we are holding our breath, or holding the flow of energy, as if we are HOLDING SOMETHING BACK. If you notice your own breathing, or the adults around you, you’ll notice it is there chest that expands. This creates a huge ripple effect that I will explain.

Let’s think of the lungs as cylinders. The same cylinders found in the engine of a car. The way a combustible engine works is by injecting the cylinders with an expanding gas (gasoline), and then igniting that gas at the top of the cylinder to produce energy that will push the piston downwards and move the wheels. (I am not an engine or car expert, correct me if I’m wrong) Now that you have a clearer picture, think of the lungs as cylinders, and air is your energy to move the wheels (your body). If you fill 1/3 of a cylinder with gas and ignite it, you will only produce 1/3 of the energy that you can create. If you fill a cylinder completely with gas and ignite it, you will create the maximum possible energy available given the space.

Think about it, so far we know that you can’t hold your breath forever, you need to breathe to supply your body with energy. The air you breathe in is what’s going to power your body. If society looks down upon sex and the process of life, then you subconsciously stop powering the systems used for sex and the process of life. You start to breathe less with your stomach and more with your chest. Your filling your lungs with only 30% air, your giving your body only 30% of what your engine (lungs) can produce, and it must function off of that 30% energy. A child who is full of energy, life and happiness, breathes with his/her stomach which gives his/her lungs 100% energy and therefore is giving his/her body 100% of the power his/her lungs can produce. Do you think your body will not suffer or react differently to being supplied only 30% of energy when it should be getting 100%?

Breathing with your stomach provides your body with almost twice as much air, which your body will use as energy. If your used to functioning off of 30% of your lungs capacity, just imagine the results of continually breathing with your stomach and getting a full breath of air. The results lay in your lungs, fill your lungs and you fill the results. Breathe with your chest and you are depriving yourself of more then just energy, but also a good mood. You most certainly will have lower energy, bad moods and mood swings, get irritable quicker, and are more stressed out if you don’t breathe with your stomach. Anyone can talk and anyone can read, put it to the test, consciously breathe with your stomach more throughout the day and see if it doesn’t affect your life.

Inhale and Exhale

Go on, inhale and exhale. This time take note of how you inhaled and exhaled. Did you breathe with your stomach? Was it a deep breath? If you breathed any different then when you first started this article, then I did my job. A lot of what I have written here was inspired and came from The Book of Secrets by Osho. The book speaks a lot about meditation, personal or spiritual alignment and centring. This book is one of my all time favourite reads, and it is VERY informative and easy to read. The book will appeal to you if you are into meditation, human behaviour, self-help, yoga, religion, and your own personal development and growth. That is why I put a link at the bottom for anyone who is interested. A lot of what you can learn can be applied to different areas of your life, but for those of you looking for business related books, this may not necessarily be for you. In all honesty, I was interested in the fields the book covers, so in that sense it changed the way I view many things, it allows you to identify systems of thought within your own life, and patterns of behaviour. I strongly recommend this book, if you have any questions about it please feel free to comment or contact me.



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