Shortcut to success: Why aren’t you where you want to be!

You are actually exactly where you want to be. That statement might appall many of you, but I just summarized the entire article for you. Here are some shortcuts to success.

I’m sure many of you want a lot of money, nice house and fancy cars; But do you want it as bad as you want your own personal vices. You see, everyone has to pick a poison. Everyone has something bad for them, whether it is very small such as sugary desserts, or as big as drug habits. I understand you want a lot of money with the perks but are you willing to sacrifice your poison/vice, your time and all your effort towards this one endeavour? This is why I say you are exactly where you want to be.

Battle your demons



Anything that goes against your goal is an excuse. I have experimented with many, many, many different endeavours to making money, until I could stumble upon the best method. For every endeavour there was 7 good thoughts that I didn’t go through with because of MY OWN THOUGHTS. Surprisingly, the doubt didn’t come from someone else, it came from within. From the lack of confidence in myself, to confidence in the product and the reaction from the public, it boiled down to fear. You must remove that fear of rejection and that fear of failure. Easier said then done I know trust me, but it is important that you recognize it when it happens and persist. I read a book that referred to these thoughts as demons, and it is a good way to look at it, in the sense that, these thoughts are nothing more then evil (destruction of that hope, dream, or goal), negating (nullifies you, causes you to not act) your results are equal to doing and thinking nothing, haunting (the brain loves to create habits, the brain only cares about survival. By constantly telling yourself you cannot do something, or reasons why you should NOT do something, it will eventually become a common pattern that you will be haunted by, always negating yourself and good ideas). Battle your demons, recognize that you are your BIGGEST obstacle, the bottleneck of your success is YOU.



This is not to say that others will not negate you. Oh that is definitely not the case, however it comes down to YOU. They are just background noise, you’re the chalkboard. If YOU choose to erase the plans, it was because YOU did it in your mind, not the background noise. In my experience, the most negativity towards my plans that I faced, came from those around me. Don’t get me wrong, this won’t be the case for everyone, and it wasn’t the case for everyone around me either. I’m just saying sometimes some people don’t want to see you successful because it makes them feel bad cause “where are they? what are they doing?”, sometimes your success doesn’t fit the agenda of someone else, sometimes they really are trying to help but you two have different personalities, the road you’re taking fits you, it doesn’t fit them. Sometimes their just negative towards life. Or they really are trying to tell you some good information. Sometimes the person has good intentions and sometimes they don’t, but that doesn’t matter.  I am going to tell you something to battle all of this:

“A good master learns like a beginner.” 

I don’t remember where I heard that line but if someone comments or if I find it I will edit it. Basically a beginner in any sport or whatever it is, will listen to ALL information and exclude NOTHING from NO ONE because the beginner does not know anything. That does not mean you must believe it or do it. It just means listen because many times other people have another perspective and it is important to hear the good and the bad; Because there is never a perfect business, there is always some risk. Listen to what others have to say and then go research their “claims” and see if it has any credibility or if it was just false. Simple as that. You got another take on the idea, ultimately (after the research) does it further support or negate the idea.



This is a big one. Your lifestyle is the way you live. It comes down to a bunch of recurring habits that sometimes have to fit or bend to your schedule, but eventually it all melds together and becomes a lifestyle. So essentially if you change your habits, you can change your lifestyle, which will change your life. If you think about, being successful and rich is just a matter of mastering successful habits. This is not to say there aren’t people that work ridiculous hours and have cut all expenses and still can’t pay the bills. There is always options, and it’s just a matter of figuring them out, or finding windows of opportunity and taking them.

“If you want to be rich, you have to be poor. “

That is not the ONLY way to get rich, or the best way. However, it is a good start for many people who are impulsive spenders or can’t hold onto money, which is most people. Anyone can make money, not a lot of people can hold on to it or make it work for them. To be poor, you will save onto money, watch what you spend it on, watch the price, moderate spending and limits, it is a good basis of habits to build up. While you are saving up, notice the more you save, the more options you have in what to do from there. Once you have a comfortable amount you are willing to invest in some way, evaluate your options and go from there. You are no longer poor, you are making more money, you have more room to be comfortable, or stick to your habits and become richer.

That was a pro, now you need to hear the con. It is not THAT easy to become rich, or else everyone would just save up. You see most people have certain habits that cost money, you need to cut down or cut out those habits as well. I told you, your lifestyle is basically habits and a schedule, if you change those habits and remove some, you can change your life.


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