Lose weight with these easy tips!

What to do

When it comes to fat loss, there are two main times to be aware of. That is: in the morning and on an empty stomach. These are times when the body is low on energy, and may catabolize (break down) cells for energy. Depending on what is the most efficient source for that demanding environment, the body will choose (generally) fat cells or muscle cells. It may choose from other sources (blood sugar, fatty acids, proteins, etc)


Walk in the morning or on an empty stomach

So the first tip revolves around using the aerobic (with oxygen) system to metabolize fatty acids and use them for energy. Fatty acids provide the most ATP (the body’s energy), therefore fatty acids are the preferred cells of aerobic activities. The body only uses the aerobic system for simple tasks that can be done for a long period of time, situations such as: standing, sitting, breathing, walking, etc. Walking is a simple task the body can due for hours (for most people). Powerlifters choose to use this method a lot because walking is a simple task that is not demanding on the muscles, and largely uses the aerobic system which generally prefers to break down fatty acids before breaking down muscles. Allowing them to lower their weight, while maintaining peak strength.

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