Lose weight with these easy tips!


Fast as in not eating for extended periods of time

I don’t mean starve yourself. In fact some people really dislike this way and you know what, that’s FINE! You don’t have to try this. For others, if your schedule is really busy and you can’t eat 5 or 6 times a day, then eat 3 big meals and fast for 5 hours in between, or fit them all in a 5 hour time frame and don’t eat for the rest of the day, or eat 2 and spread the other 1. Some people really disagree with this, however at the end of the DAY, or WEEK, or MONTH, or YEAR. It does not matter which way you choose, there are pros and cons for eating multiple times and fasting, they both achieve great results. It really depends on your SCHEDULE. If it’s a hassle to fit in 6 meals a day, you’re probably NOT going to follow the diet. However if your diet fits your schedule, and it’s simple for you to get meals in your system, then you are more likely to follow that diet.

Essentially fasting uses the aerobic system to use fatty acids for energy, the longer the fast, the more fat is burned. TO A DEGREE. After a while your body will start to attack the muscle for energy. Experimenting slowly is best, don’t try to fast for 10 hours, try it for 3-5 hours at first, and go from there. Fat loss during fasting can be accelerated if the body is in an “after burn” state. That may not be the technical term, however I am referring to the state your body is in after doing H.I.I.T., high intensity interval training. So doing some sprints during your workouts and then fasting throughout the week may promote more fat loss.


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