Lose weight with these easy tips!

2 Points you should NOT forget


Don’t be afraid to lift HEAVY, and DO SOME CARDIO!

Results happen when you rest and recover. One of the best ways to shock the body and stimulate rest and recovery is through lifting heavy and doing compound movement. That is, movements that involve many muscles such as: squat, deadlift, military/overhead press, bench press, etc. These exercises will shock your body and allow you to burn more calories and lose more weight!

Cardio is very important. You can work out any muscle you want, but cardio works out the most important one. Your heart. Also it trains your cardiovascular system, efficiency, lung capacity, etc. It will definitely aid in fat loss if done correctly. Don’t neglect cardio if you are trying to lose weight.

That is all, if you try all 3 of these tips I guarantee you will fat. I can’t say how much but I know you will for sure if you follow what I said.  If you enjoy the article please share it with your friends, and click on the side bar to sign up for the newsletter! (it’s not annoying I promise!)


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