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Let me spare you the trouble of reading all my posts, if you’re here to figure out the best shortcut I’ll tell you right now.

“The best shortcut, is knowing there is no shortcuts.”

That’s all, now you can go, or read more and learn how to control the universe.

The Big Bang

If you care to read I’ll tell you a little about myself and how I came up with this idea of “the best shortcut”

I have many passions and desires, my main two that I will be focusing on in this website are the GYM and MONEY. I love health and I love wealth. When I was in high school and just learning about the gym, I would read intensely about it for hours. I would spend my nights reading about whatever topic my curious brain could muster up. With each piece of knowledge I treated it as clues towards the treasure; I was always looking for that one vital piece of information that I could use and get all the results I wanted so quickly. I was looking for shortcuts. Eventually I got into supplements, and started controlling my diet more, I got a car and was able to try different gyms (rather then using the same equipment at my high school). After a period of time I was noticing good results, each thing I learned helped me in some way towards my results.

The bad part of the story but also the lesson…

For whatever reason at the time (taking more hours at work, focusing more on school, etc), I had to take some time off the gym, my diet was slacking BUT my sleep was good for the most part. I love to sleep, thats one thing that wont change. Due to my inconsistency in the gym and the kitchen, my results started going away. My strength went down, I was losing muscle, and gaining fat in the worst places. I was getting lazy and it created a bad cycle that I was addicted to. All my shortcuts had also gone shortly. Everything I read about, all the hours I put in the gym had essentially been wasted.

Now I could sit there and cry about it, or I could get up and learn from the mistake. I was so focused on shortcuts and quick results, that I never focused on the BASICS. There is a reason why builders build a house from the foundation UP, because without a strong base, the house will fall. The same holds true for life and business. You don’t learn to run before you walk, and you don’t learn to walk before you crawl, and you don’t crawl if you don’t ever START.


The basics I should have focused on were the NOT-SO-SECRET BASICS. Meaning, you don’t have to search for the secret workout or the secret diet that will unleash all the super heroic gains you’re holding back, or join the illuminati to get riches beyond your dreams. The basics I needed to know were the SAME stuff you heard about your whole life.


I’m sure there’s more I can add to the list, but I bet you can think of whatever else is missing, because there not SECRETS. In all my money-making-endeavours and work in the gym, there was never a Holy Grail or a Philosopher’s Stone, just always the same recurring themes: time put in and hard work.


There never was any shortcuts, there may be tips and tricks that help you along the way, but unless you have connections that can pull strings, which usually you don’t, then THERE IS NO SHORTCUTS. Don’t waste your time looking for secrets, if they were out there don’t you think everyone else would have done it? The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will be ready to make a plan, put in work, and execute each step correctly.

So what’s this all about?

This website is my outlet for motivational rants, mindsets, current topics and products. It will mainly focus on finances and health.

HOLD UP: This site provides supplemental income, I will provide affiliate links to products I review and may post advertisements. If you choose to subscribe to my e-mail list you are also further supporting me. At thebestshortcuts I will never put financial gains before you, the reader.

Please contact me 🙂

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at thebestshortcut@gmail.com