Time and time again, you click on a website, read a bunch of convincing crap, only to scroll down and see that there’s a product that can solve all your life’s misfortunes; Once they hooked you in, then you start to wonder, does this stuff really work? Is it a waste of money? Was any of that information really true or just more exaggerated advertising? Don’t waste your precious time wondering or hoping.

My shortcut to success…

Currently I work in the retail field and the most important factor for success is customer service. I don’t believe in using convincing language to trick you into buying a crappy product. The only way to bring excellent customer service to this website would be through HONESTY. I believe that success is not attainable in a short-term fashion, success although very subjective, is long-term and takes a lot of time and work. Honesty works in a similar way, if you notice human behaviour, we are not much of a patient species, everyone wants what they want NOW AND EASILY. That’s the difference between my strategy and theirs.


You see, by being honest with you, it ends up benefitting me at the end. Let me explain, everyone wants to get rich quick, knowing that I can sit here and feed you lies and reel you in with convincing marketing and essentially tell you things you WANT to hear but not what you NEED to hear and trick you into buying a product. OR I can be honest with you and maybe tell you some of the things you don’t want to hear, and a lot of people wont like that, but by telling you what you NEED to hear, it will allow you to skip the marketing bullshit, know what you need to do, how much work to put in and where to start.

In the long term,  the people that don’t like to hear that it takes hard work will leave the website, where as the people that are willing to persist and do what it takes will stay around. Honesty creates a ripple effect that I want to be evident throughout this website. It allows me to weed out the bad products, help avoid bias, and leaves me with happy people, no complaints and in the end, brings more hardworking and persisting people.

For those reasons, I guarantee you, the reader, 100% honesty. Have no fear of marketing tactics against you here.